When can I join the chorus?

Our Music Director conducts auditions for prospective new singers at the beginning of each season, prior to our first rehearsal.

What are the audition requirements?

During the audition, singers will be asked to perform a few basic musical exercises to test vocal tonality and range. The Music Director will recommend a section (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) where the singer is best suited. While we strive for musical excellence, many of our members do not read music and have only limited singing experience, but they enjoy singing and a sense of community with the friends in Sing Out Detroit.

Are there other requirements to become an active member?

Anyone participating in the organization will be asked to provide essential contact information, as well as personal biographical information. Each member will be financially responsible for dues. A Membership Packet will be provided through email to each member. The packet will contain the following:

  • Copy of the Membership Handbook and Operating Bylaws

  • Medical Release Forms and Emergency Contact Information

  • Media Release – Consent to Release Audio and Video representations of the member

  • Receipt acknowledgement of participation requirements, policies and procedures including attendance and performance protocol which must be signed prior to participating.

What happens after these requirements are met?

You will be assigned music, which you are responsible for learning. Helpful tools such as rehearsal CDs will be distributed. Section Representatives at times may hold additional rehearsals that members are highly encouraged to attend.

What if I don’t read music?

Reading music is not a requirement to be in the Chorus, although it will make your learning experience easier. It is important that our music staff understands your musical ability, whether or not you read music.  Rehearsal media on our website will help with your personal responsibility to memorize notes, rhythm, tempo and lyrics.

Can I perform in organizations other than Sing Out Detroit during a season?

You can perform with any other group during a concert cycle and still perform with Sing Out Detroit, provided you adhere to the Attendance Policy for Sing Out Detroit’s rehearsals and performances.

How long do rehearsals last?

We rehearse every Tuesday, starting promptly at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:00 pm. There may be additional rehearsals, but they will be announced in advance. If you are not able to attend a rehearsal, you are responsible for contacting the Music Director or the Membership Coordinator.

Do I need to pay dues in order to belong to Sing Out Detroit?

Yes. Sing Out Detroit members are required to pay dues in order to maintain active membership.

How much will being a member of the chorus cost?

Dues are $100 per season or $200 per year (2 seasons) (if you are facing a financial hardship situation, please speak with a Sing Out Detroit Board member about scholarship opportunities). From time to time, additional expenses may arise when social events are scheduled for members.

As a nonprofit organization, we hope that you will consider making a donation in addition to your dues. Supporting the Chorus financially is supporting YOUR Chorus. We hope that as you embrace and participate in our Mission, you will be able to give at a level that is meaningful for you.

What if I have a problem or question?

The Music Director can handle questions and concerns about music production. The Membership Coordinator can handle concerns about the organization, and serves as your liaison to the Board of Directors.

Who can join the chorus?

Membership to Sing Out Detroit is open to all people, and is achieved by either:

  • Performing with the Chorus during its concert season. Such members will complete a successful vocal audition and fulfill all Membership Handbook signature requirements.

  • Working on behalf of the Chorus in a non-performing capacity. These nonperforming members work behind the scenes, helping Sing Out Detroit to function in many areas. Nonperforming members are also required to pay dues and fulfill all signature requirements in Membership Handbook.

What are the privileges of of being an active members in good standing?

Members who have fulfilled financial obligations performing or working off stage, or those on a Leave of Absence, will be considered active in good Standing and will have:

  • Full voting rights in general meetings

  • Privilege to seek nominations and appointments to Board, Administrative or Committee positions

  • Privilege to seek any “audition-only” singing opportunity (i.e. solos, ensembles)

  • Admittance to social events throughout the year.

May I take a Leave of Absence?

If you are unable to participate for a particular concert season, you may request a Leave of Absence for one full calendar year. You will retain all rights and privileges that active members in good standing have, and will not be required to re-audition.

An absence for longer than one calendar year will automatically change your status to inactive, and require you to re-audition to perform when you return. Such requests should be made in writing and submitted to the Membership Coordinator.

What happens if I need to leave the chorus?

If you wish to step down or obtain inactive status from the Chorus, please inform the Membership Coordinator.

  • You will be asked to return any Sing Out Detroit property and/or music loaned to you.

  • Failure to return Sing Out Detroit property will result in an invoice for the value of the property.

Whatever your reasons are for leaving the Chorus, we hope that you will consider returning in the future and continue to support Sing Out Detroit.

I don’t sing. Can I be a volunteer?

Volunteers are a vital part of the Sing Out Detroit family, offering assistance on an as needed basis. Volunteers can fill many roles, including but not limited to:

  • Setting up and striking sets and risers

  • Ticket sales

  • Serving on Chorus Committees

  • Assistance in marketing or membership activities

  • Participation in special events and promotions

If you know anyone who might be interested in volunteering with Sing Out Detroit, please contact us!